About Us

3 Peas Cafe is a health-conscious culinary blog started by 3 sisters with the goal of staying in touch and promoting healthy eating habits by sharing delicious and nutritious recipes with each other!

The Sisters Three
The three P's (peas...get it? xP Did we mention we're corny?) represent each of the sisters:

Peony (丹丹): Kitti, the oldest sister, just graduated from uni where she studied Art, Japanese, and Biology (there is a job out there for her...somewhere...hopefully in Taiwan, where she relocated to). Her culinary specialty is "fancy desserts and stuff" although recently she's taken to "cheap and easy picky-eater-friendly meals without a stove". That's right, her Taiwanese apartment is STOVE-LESS. And oven-less. Luckily, she has a Tatung steamer and an induction cooktop. And a microwave.

Princess (Sparklewolfie): Gracie, the middle sister is a Lolita Fashion Designer who just graduated from technical college with a degree in Apparel Technologies. This blog was mostly Gracie's idea, after she ran across the inspiring Sisters Cafe. She is currently studying abroad in Taiwan and her culinary specialty is: "I have no oven and only one burner and a microwave I don't use and a toaster oven and I can't find half the common ingredients but I do have a lot of strange ones and I can't read most of them anyway so let's guess"

Piano (Muzikal_Keys): Jessica, the youngest of the three. She just started college, where she studies Fine Art, and is learning the harrowing art of Feeding Oneself. Her culinary specialty is "meat-y things".

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