Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Allium-Free Parsley Pesto

Parlsey is pretty fantastic. It's super-high in B12 and a bunch of other things, tastes better than cilantro, has a great crunch, and is pretty much made of magic.

It's also great for preventing hangovers, just eat a bunch before you go on a bender and all the B in it helps your liver process toxins. Remember to drink plenty of water too...that's to combat dehydration.

Anyways, in addition to being great for hangovers, parsley also happens to be AWESOME in green smoothies.
And really cheap.

Like 99 cents a bunch. So I always have leftovers.

This is what to do with the leftovers.

Parlsey Pesto, shown on sliced tomatoes with a mustard hat, and a few petals of avocado. Also, mung-bean soup with soymilk and pumpkin. This is a legitimate meal.

Parlsey Pesto

Since I invariably make pesto with leftover herbs, the quantities are never set in stone. Play around with it and find your own happy medium :)

In a blender, combine:

Oil to cover (I like canola b/c alive is strongly flavoured. If you like olive use that instead.)
A handful of walnuts, or almonds, or pinenuts
Salt & pepper to taste


If it's too thick you can add more oil.
Adjust proportions accordingly.

Serve on your favorite pasta or use it as a spread on sandwiches.

You can combine it with vinegars for a salad dressing too.

Mix it up with mayo or vegannaise for a creamy aioli spread.


Also, this keeps for a while, and won't go brown like basil does!