Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spinach Spaghetti Salad

I'm a huge fan of using up leftovers in the most delicious way possible.

Rich Taiwanese spaghetti sauce pairs gorgeously with crisp spinach in this delectable and ridiculously easy dish.

What makes Taiwanese spaghetti different from normal spaghetti? All the stuff they put in it. Regular additions growing up included celery and carrot. I've also had eggplant and zucchini...and even potato!  It also tends to be runnier than Western marinara sauce...probably because nobody has heard of tomato paste.

It's a lot more nutritious than your normal run-of-the-mill sauce from a bottle, that's for sure!

Recipe for the sauce below~

This is a very flexible recipe. Use whatever vegetables you have lying around: carrots, spinach, celery, beets, etc.

Taiwanese Spaghetti Sauce (Extra Thick)

1 can tomato sauce
1 can tomato paste
1 knob ginger, chopped
1 zucchini, diced
1 eggplant, diced
2-ish tomatoes, diced
vege meat crumbles or firm tofu, smashed
potatoes, diced
1-2 spoonfuls dark sugar, to taste.

1. Heat a bit of oil in a heavy wok. Add the ginger and hard vegetables and stir-fry 'til fragrant.
2. Add everything else, then cover and simmer 'til finished. Adjust salt and sugar to taste.

Happy Munching!