Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cranberry-Orange Steamed Banana Cake with Banana-Coconut Ice 'Cream'

A fancy variation on the original steamed banana cake, this delectable cake is low in fat and 100% vegan! The key is the orange-flavoured cranberries. You can get them from Trader Joe's, Stateside. Otherwise you're SOL. J/K! Just use normal cranberries and orange zest.

The ice cream is also very simple to make, just time-consuming, since there's a lot of freezing involved.

Steamed Vegan Banana Cake with Orange-Flavoured Cranberries
Serves 10~15  Asians.  Decrease servings for hungry hungry adolescents, or Westerners.  Or cake fiends >:D

In a bowl mash togther:

3 overripe bananas
1/3~1/2 C. raw or brown sugar -- I tend to use closer to 1/3 when I'm sugaring the pan. For Americans use 1 full cup.

1 t. oil
~1/4 C. water, or more, as needed

Add all at once and then gently incorporate:
3 C. low gluten/cake flour
3 t. baking powder

Add all the orange-flavoured cranberries you can get your greedy little hands on. I used the whole bag :)  After sampling some first, of course.  For quality control!

Steam 1.5 hours or more as needed.

Banana Ice Cream
Serves 20-ish 

You'll need a Vita-mix-esque blender.

6 frozen chopped bananas (break into chunks and freeze)
1 can coconut milk

Put in freezer.
After 3 hours stir the slush.
Consume! On top of the cranberry cake, obviously!