Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steamed Sprouts & Egg Breakfast Bowl

High in protein, fiber, and greens. So easy there's not even a jump. Also makes a great snack or side.

Materials & Methods
1. Put sprouts in bowl. Toss with sesame oil, pinch salt, and pine nuts.

If you're lazy, or raw vegan, you can skip the rest of the steps and eat it as is! :D

2. Crack egg into bowl. For vegans, use soft tofu with a hint of curry spice or cumin, stirred up to a yogurt-like consistency. Steam 5-10 minutes, depending on your steamer and level of food safety deliciousness desired.
If using a Tatung steamer, a 1/2 cup of water should do -- just enough to cover the bottom of the steamer.
3. Enjoy.
As you can see, I went with very food-safe.  Actually, I just forgot it in the steamer for half an hour.  It was still delicious.
Happy Breakfasting!