Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gua Bao 掛包: One-handed Taiwanese Sandwich!

Gua-bao掛包 are like mantou 饅頭 in sandwich-able shapes.  They're usually served with pork, sprouts, and pickled veggies; we made 'em vegetarian by using vege-patties and adding more vegetables :D

They're great for a quick lunch or dinner.  If you don't have access to pre-made 掛包 you can make your own the same way you make mantou, just make a flat oval shape and fold it over itself instead of making a very long strip and rolling it up and cutting.  There's a handy tutorial on how to make mantou here.  It is ridiculously easy -- we used to make them back in the states.  We'd make TONNES at a time and freeze 'em for later.  It was a great family activity during the long Minnesotan winters ^o^

The key to making these delicious is keeping the filling relatively dry, so make sure you drain the sauteed veggies and pickled greens!

Gua Bao, steamed
Pickled mustard greens, chopped and sauteed with a little sugar and mushroom (optional)
Cabbage, chopped and sauteed with mushrooms and carrots and drained of juices
Protein of choice (we used veg-meat patties, but firm tofu or similar would be great too!
Peanut powder (I wanna try it with kinako/toasted soy flour!)

1. Make a sandwich.
2. Eat the sandwich.