Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vegan Steamed Banana Cake

I've been making this cake weekly at the Taipei Compassion Field for almost 2 months now. It's pretty awesome.

Serves 12+

In a bowl mash togther:

3 overripe bananas
1/3~1/2 C. raw or brown sugar -- I tend to use closer to 1/3 when I'm sugaring the pan. For Americans use 1 full cup.

1 t. oil
~1/4 C. water, or more, as needed

Add all at once and then gently incorporate:
3 C. low gluten/cake flour
3 t. baking powder

-- add more water if it is too stiff --

Fold in your mix-ins. Tried and true combinations:
1) 1-3 T. Flaxseed
2) 1/8 C. cocoa powder (or more! Add a bit more water when
3) Flaxseed and cocoa!
4) Walnuts, crushed works better
5) Almonds, crushed works better
6) Flaxseed and any of the above
7) Cocoa + almonds
8) Cocoa + chocolate truffles
9) Cocoa + Mini M&M's (they will not look pretty though!)
10) Flaxseed and craisins (soaked in water 'til plump)
11) Flaxseed and raisins (soaked in water 'til plump)
12) Flaxseed and raisins (soaked) and cocoa powder
13) Flaxseed and raisins (soaked) and walnuts

Oil your steaming vessel and sprinkle with sugar to cover the bottom.
Fill with batter.

Steam for ~120 minutes in your Tatung indirect heat rice cooker/steamer, or other steaming apparatus.

When a skewer inserted comes out clean, it is done.

Invert onto tray.

Flip right-side up.

Optionally, slice off the exploded top (if you're making fancy birthday cake or something that requires a flat surface).

Decorate with vegan whipping cream, if desired.

Slice and serve.