Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Steamer Recipe: Mung Bean Dessert Soup

I had some extra mung beans from the Mung Bean and Mushroom Curry, so I threw together this dessert soup. By the time we were done with lunch, it was perfectly steamed!

Mung beans are usually eaten in the summer because they help 'cool' your body; in order to compensate for that (since it's now winter), I added ginger, which is a 'heating' food :) I think I should have added more ginger though, it wasn't spicy enough for my liking.

Johnny Walker approves of this dessert. Keep Walking ;P

Materials and Methods:

Mung beans, cooked
Water to cover
Black or brown sugar to taste
Several slices ginger, to taste

1. Put everything in a steaming container.
2. Fill your Tatung indirect heat steamer/rice cooker with 3/4 C. water. Put the container of future dessert inside. Cover and hit steam.
3. TADA! YOU'VE MADE DESSERT! If it's not sweet enough stir in some more sugar.