Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miso Soup with Carrot, Broccoli Greens, and Tofu

Keeping with the conservative theme of the previous post, this soup uses the scant handful of leaves that invariably accompanies every head of broccoli.

Colourful AND Tasty!

Materials and Methods:
Leaves from head of broccoli, rinsed

Some carrot, sliced thinly and quartered (gingko cut)
Tofu, cubed
2-3 C. water -- enough to cover carrots and tofu

1-2 T. shiro or mixed miso

1. Put the water, carrot, and tofu in pot and boil.
2. When the carrots are cooked, lower the heat, throw in the broccoli leaves, and cover 2-3 minutes, until the leaves are bright green and cooked. Remove from heat.
3. Cream the miso in a small bowl using some broth from the soup. Add it to the soup and stir to mix. Taste and add more miso (cream first!) if necessary.