Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snack time~ Roasty Peanut and Small Fish Snack

This snack is very common in Asia. I don't know how common it is in America since my mom would just make it so I don't know if it is sold in stores :P

WARNING WARNING VERY DANGER! This snack is addicting! High in protein and probably quite high in fat (hello, peanuts!) and possibly sodium, depending on how much soy sauce you add. This shouldn't be something that you eat enormous quantities of. Sort of like chocolate. Shouldn't eat too much, but we all do anyway.


NOTE: We don't measure anything. There is no need to measure anything. The measurements given are approximations. I am horrible at approximations.

1.5 cups of whole peanuts
1 cup of small, dried, silver fish
red peppers to taste
1T of sugar
3T of soy sauce
Olive Oil for toasting

1) Toast your peanuts in a big pan with some olive oil

2) Remove peanuts and set in a plate. Leave the oil in the pan.

3) Stir-fry the fish in the oil left in the pan. If it starts to get too dry, add a little bit more oil.

4) Chop up your red peppers into little pieces (dice it)

5) Add peppers to fish and stir fry.

6) Add peanuts back to pan and stir fry.

7) When everything is mixed, add soy sauce.

8) Add sugar.

9) Mix well and turn off the heat!

Enjoy! And forget any ideas you had about losing weight or anything. That's silly.

POINT! This tastes better after it has cooled for a bit and the peanuts have absorbed more flavor! It keeps covered in the fridge for a really long time. But you should probably just eat it all.