Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creamy Taro Dessert or Cake Filling

I LOVE TARO. 'nough said. This is a dessert that packs as much taro as humanely possible into a smooth and creamy dish. Taro is a great source of fiber (7 g. per cup!) as well as manganese, and vitamins B6 and E.

There are tonnes of variations on this: serve it warm out of the steamer for winter, or freeze into pops for summer. You can also freeze and scrape into a rich sorbet. Alternatively, make it very creamy and use it to fill cakes. It doesn't do so well as a frosting because of the chunkies, but if you've got a blender to take care of that there's another option for you :)

Creamy Taro Dessert/Cake Filling
Servings variable


* Taro, peeled and steamed or boiled. You can get them all cubed up nice from the day market, or if you're in the states they have peeled ones vacuum-sealed at your local Asian grocer. I do not recommend getting raw taro and peeling it yourself 'cause it's a bitch and there's skin-irritating-goo involved.
* Butter or oil, about 1 T. per fist-size chunk of taro, or to your own taste
* Sugar or other sweetener to taste. If you're using liquid sweetener like honey or agave add the sugar first so you know how soft your taro is getting before you add the butter/oil.

1. Mash your taro. If they are not soft enough to mash with a fork or spoon they are not cooked thoroughly, so steam/boil some more.
2. Add a bit of butter or oil. This makes it creamy. The warm taro will melt the butter, if you're using butter.
3. Add sugar or other sweetener. Taste it. Adjust accordingly.
4. Serve. I ate the whole thing straight out of the bowl. IT WAS SO GOOD. To reheat I recommend steaming, which preserves the creaminess; microwaving tends to dry it out unless you add tonnes of oil.