Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vegan Microwave Muffin with Oatmeal

Inspired by my success with Blogilates' Microwave Minute Muffin, I tried another microwave mug, this time by Chocolate-Covered Katie. This one happens to be vegan, which is nice, because I don't always have milk and eggs in the house :) It makes a lighter cake-like muffin (the original recipe is actually for cupcake ;P ), which is nice (the Blogilates one is super-filling) but it's a tiny bit grainy, probably due to the lack of egg as an emulsifier. I think I'll add more oatmeal next time, and maybe top with muesli.

The dark bits are black/purple rice flakes from the Chinese Quaker's oats I bought :D They don't taste any different from the rest of the oatmeal, but it adds some colour and vitamin B, which is awesome!

Vegan Microwave Muffin with Oatmeal
Serves 1

In an oiled coffee mug, combine:
* 2 T. flour
* 2 T. instant oatmeal
* 1 pinch salt
* 1/4 t. baking powder
* 1 T. sugar
* 1 T. canola or other neutral oil, or melted butter, or applesauce (which is tricky to get in Taiwan -- obviously I used canola, 'cause it's the cheapest and most readily available)
* 1 T. + a splash of water or non-dairy milk (I used water, since we didn't have milk)
* Splash vanilla or other extract, if you've got it (I didn't T_T)

Stir it up.
This is what it looks like raw. The batter will be thick.

Microwave 1-2 minutes, until a chopstick comes out clean.

Actually, I forgot to oil my mug, but the muffin came out fine with a little coaxing.