Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stoveless Recipe: Mushrooms & Fried Tofu with Satay Sauce

This dish is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to fuck up. No, seriously. You canNOT boil mushrooms or tofu for too long. CAN NOT. Unless you boil the thing dry, in which case maybe you shouldn't be in the kitchen making food with heat. You should be in detox.

Sacha sauce, sometimes labelled (extremely confusingly) as 'barbecue sauce' (esp. the bullhead brand (the name of which makes it even more confusing when you get the vegetarian version and you're wondering if it's got cow in it 'cause it says bullhead on it and you don't read Chinese.) The kanji you're looking for is 素 (vegetarian) 沙茶醬(sacha sauce).

You can't even tell what this is supposed to be. But it's delicious, and that's all you need to know.

You can make this un-fried tofu too, but I've been eating plain tofu for DAYS.

Oyster mushrooms, diced

Satay sauce (vegetarian for the veggie-heads)
Soy sauce (to taste)

1. Boil the mushrooms and tofu until the mushrooms are done and the tofu is heated thoroughly.
2. Mix up the satay sauce with some soy sauce to your liking.
3. Dip the mushrooms and tofu in the sauce.
4. Eat it.