Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Make Mung Beans in a Tatung Indirect Heat Steamer/Rice Cooker

Mung beans, and actually beans in general, are super-easy to cook in a Tatung steamer. Just soak overnight, drain, fill with water, and steam.

Just kidding, you don't have to soak the mung beans. But most other beans you do.

This is what the cooked beans look like

Step by step below the cut!

Mung Beans
Steamable container
Tatung indirect heat steamer

1. Wash the mung beans. If you got them from a dry goods store, freeze them to kill the bugs, then wash them. The dead bugs float right to the surface, saving you the trouble of squishing them as they scuttle around on top of the water, trying to avoid death.

2. Fill the container with the beans and enough water to cover the beans plus a little more, like 1/2-1 cm.

3. Fill the outer container (a.k.a. the steamer) with about 1.5 cups of water. Put the container of beans in there and hit steam.

4. When the lever pops back up, leave the beans in there for 15 minutes. Then fluff them with a rice paddle and make sure they are all the way cooked. If not, add more water to the outer pot and hit steam again.

Tada! You've just made mung beans! And you didn't need to soak them or simmer slowly for hours on end! Yaaaay!

Enjoy with sugar water as a dessert, or make your cooked beans into curry (recipe forthcoming).