Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super-Easy Sacha Noodles & Greens

Sacha sauce makes ALL VEGETABLES delicious. This is especially true of greens. This dish uses some mediocre greens (no, I don't know what they're called -- but they were fresh so I bought them) I picked up from the trad. market for NT$10 a bag.

You can probably figure out how this recipe is going to go based soley on this picture.

Add some protein to make this meal complete. After blowing up an egg in the microwave (pro-tip: NEVER MICROWAVE EGGS PLAIN, EVEN IF YOU POKE HOLES IN IT OR WHATEVER, IT WILL EXPLODE ON YOUR SHIT) and undercooking a boiled egg trying to achieve this, I had dried tofu cubes :) It is way yummier than it sounds.

* Greens -- you can pretty much use any vegetable -- washed and chopped into chunks and steamed or blanched
* Noodles -- again, pretty much any type of noodle -- cooked and drained.
* ~ 1/2 T. Sacha sauce -- how much depends on how spicy and flavourful you like it, and how much you're making.
* Soy sauce or salt

1. Put your noodles in a big bowl.

2. Put your greens on top.

3. Top with sacha sauce and soy sauce or salt to taste.

4. Serve. Mix. Consume.