Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Commenting System!

I have installed Intense Debate commenting system on this blog!

Now you can choose to receive email updates for replies to your comments rather than needing to come and check back to see if anybody replied (a big reason why I don't comment on other blogs). You can also choose to be updated for ALL NEW COMMENTS to the entry, or choose not to receive an email for anything at all~

I hope this improves the communication and commenting for everybody :) In order to see the comment form, you will need to click into the post you wish to comment on (click on the "Keep Reading~" jump to read the rest of a long or photo-heavy entry, or click the post title) and the old comment form will no longer show up on new posts. All old comments are still available, however!

Let me know if there are any troubles or glitches!

Thanks to all readers and followers, and happy cooking!