Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Janky Homemade Honey Toast

''Honey Toast is a popular dessert invented at Dazzling Cafe where the line can stretch for up to 4 hours long! It is so popular that many other cafes are making their own versions of Honey Toast. It is quite tasty! ''

Gracie and I recently got some BREAD, so we decided to make it into Honey Toast. The recipe itself is pretty easy, just sort of time-consuming. The tricky part is getting the right bread if you're not in Taiwan/Japan/the Asian-y part of California. East-Asian toasting bread tends to be soft, light, and come in smaller loaves than their Western counterparts. They are also more or less perfect parallelograms that yield 2 cubes when bisected, this is important. You can try it with small artisan loaves if they are sufficiently fluffy.

Also, it helps to have a toaster. We don't have one, hence, the jankiness. We also don't have a serrated knife, a pastry brush, butter, or whipped cream. But it still tasted good, and that's what matters :D

Imperfection adds character to this hand-crafted treat. Or something.

Janky Homemade Honey Toast
Serves 2-3 as a breakfast item, 3-5 as a snack item.

* East-Asian-style toasting bread, unsliced
* Honey
* Butter (optional)
* Ice cream
* Fruits
* Whipped cream & syrup for garnish (optional)

1. Cut the toast! Check out Gracie's super-helpful video tutorial -- the video is for savoury toast, so just skip to about 1:20 to see how to cut the toast:

2. Lightly brush some honey on the inside of your hollow bread cube, and all the bread pieces. If you've got butter, you can melt the honey and butter together and use that.

3. Toast your bread and bread sticks. We heated it on a pan :)

4. While your bread is toasting, cut up your fruits and stuff. I made little orange pandas. Also, passionfruit.

5. Put your toasted bread stick inside the bread cube and top with the ice cream and your fruits of choice. Garnish with whipped cream, syrup, and more fruits (optional; not shown)

Happy Toasting!!!