Thursday, October 27, 2011

FOOD FAIL: Black-Eyed Peas ≠ Chickpeas/White Beans

Chickpeas are hard to find in Taiwanland. So are Great Northern beans and White beans and pretty much any bean that isn't soy, azuki, mung, kidney, or, for some reason, black-eyed peas. O.o I don't know. But I figured they were similar enough to white beans to try making CCK's snickerdoodle dip. WRONG.

Black-eyed peas are NOTHING like chickpeas OR white beans. They have a very distinctive flavour that does not take well to cinnamon and sugar. Luckily the addition of oatmeal (my new favourite thing to add to anything even remotely dessert-like) saved it from being a complete and total inedible disaster by diluting the black-eyed pea flavour.

You can't tell from this picture, but this dessert is not very tasty.

Next time, I will try it with hulled mung beans, which have a much milder flavour that takes well to sugar. And hopefully cinnamon.