Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easy French Toast

French toast is really delicious and requires only 3 ingredients -- eggs and bread (or toast), and a bit of butter! The trick is the get a suitably firm bread so it does not get soggy when you dip it in the egg. I like cinnamon strudel bread from a local grocer :)

Cinnamon French Toast with fresh Raspberries, Scrambled Eggs, and toasted leftover Breakfast Potatoes from Perkins!

Easy French Toast
Makes up to 4 pieces of toast.
1 Egg
1-4 slices Firm bread
1 t. butter per slice

1. Heat your skillet to medium-high heat.

2. In a large flat lipped plate or pie tin, beat 1 egg.

3. Throw a teaspoon of butter on the skillet so it sizzles and bubbles.

4. Coat 1 piece firm bread or toast with the egg.

5. Fry it on the skillet 'til golden brown.

6. Flip.

7. Remove when evenly cooked.

8. Repeat.

Leftover egg can be scrambled.
Serve hot with berries, syrup, and other breakfast accoutrements.

Happy Breakfasting!