Sunday, July 17, 2011

ORIGINAL Kitti Creation: Asian Fusion Rice-Ball!

Yeah...I don't even know what this is, but it's SUPER YUMMY so who cares ;P It's based on the happy union of two things: the rice balls a.k.a.飯糰 a.k.a. おにぎり we had as kids, which were filled with pickled veggies, rosu 肉酥 (lit. meat floss; it's like shredded jerky, which is kinda fluffy) and shredded egg sheets; and this sandwich we used have for lunch a lot comprising an egg sheet with a piece of cheese and some rosu, which was like my favouritest thing in the whole world :3 Obviously, combining the two = EPIC DELICIOUS TIME

Side note: I used vegetarian rosu to make this vegetarian. Aside from the usual pork variety, there is also beef and fish versions :3

Fresh rice
Rosu of choice (VEGGIE FOR ME!!!)
Sharp cheddar, sliced thinly
Takuan (Japanese pickled daikon -- available at your local Asian grocer), sliced (optional; not shown)


1. Put your rice on the cling-wrap.
2. Fill it with filling.
3. Put another pile of rice on top.
4. Squish it into a ball, or triangle, or torpedo, etc.


Note: Since this contains egg & cheese, it doesn't keep like regular rice-balls. Consume within 2 hours for maximum food safety. I've eaten these up to 6 hours after the fact, but that's not recommended ;)

Happy Rice-ballin'!