Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vegetarian Jucy Lucy!

With the 4th of July coming up it's time to think about grilling up some burgers! For a festive event, why not make something special, like the Minneapolis-created Jucy Lucy!

A Jucy (or Juicy, depending on whom you ask) Lucy is a burger with cheese tucked inside. I've adapted my Vegetable Burgers to incorporate this secret package of ooey gooey goodness, and added some tasty Bac-O bits (which are actually vegetarian!) for a bit more flavour.

Vegetarian Jucy Lucy
Serves 2 dozen or so


Stuff for Vegetable Burgers plus:
1 can Bac-O Bits (not chips; BITS)
Cheese of choice, cut into 1/2 or 1/4 oz. squares (I used smoked gouda and sharp cheddar)


Prepare your Vegetable Burgers. Boil and drain the spinach, sautee the mushrooms and onions, put it all together and add the salt and cumin, blend, get it all in a big ol' bowl.

Stir in the can of Bac-O Bits. The whole can. I guess it's technically a bottle. Whatever.

Scoop up ~2-3 T. of burger and make a little patty. Squish it flat nicely. Make sure it's big enough for your cheese.

Put a block 'o cheese on it

Add another 2-3 T. of burger on top. Pat it flat and make sure it completely covers the cheese and then some.

Pinch the edges shut securely. You don't want molten cheese oozin' out your burger when you're grilling. It's messy AND a tragic loss of cheese. D: Nobody wants that.

Smooth the edges and pat your Jucy Lucy flat-ish. Make sure there are no sharp edges or lingering holes. Keep that cheese sealed up in there real nice.

Cling-wrap the burgers individually and stick 'em in the freezer on a sheet to harden. Or, you can grill them straightaway :D

Serve on buns or baguettes with tomato, barbeque sauce, and mustard. Or blue cheese dressing and mustard. Or whatever else tickles your fancy :)

Happy Grilling!