Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I've been super-busy recently what with finals and graduating, so I haven't been making any new recipes...or much food, for that matter TT____TT

BUT! To make up for the lack of posts I give you Amoebunny: Version 4, an installation from the Amoebunny series! I created a custom cake pan in the shape of an amoebunny and made cakes from my pan! It was a long and arduous process involving mixing my own flameware clay body and glaze (turns out you can't use regular glaze on flameware 'cause of the different heat shrink ratios /nerd), 3 different types of molds (slump, bisque, and plaster, for the artistically inclined; one of which exploded 1 week before the due date O_Q) and a LOT of cream...and eggs...and cake flour...etc.

I used the Chocolate Chiffon Cake recipe and a vanilla chiffon cake recipe from the internets that I altered (and then lost v.v; If I ever find it I will definitely post it!).

Oh yeah, I totally got an A on this project >:D

The plaster mold I ended up using to make the final cake pan.

One of the cakes! Vanilla chiffon cake filled with whipped cream and peaches, topped with more whipped cream and fruits.

View of the whole installation. The forks are hiding under the cake pan on the far left ^.^

Chocolate chiffon cake filled with fudge and frosted with ganache (made with Ghirardelli chips!!! They were on sale *w*)

Marshmallow tail!!!

Top view of the fruits cake. I based the design off Chinese paper-cut animals (but you probably can't tell xD)

Thanks for looking!

BONUS RECIPE! For those that actually read the whole post >:D

Ridiculously Easy Chocolate Ganache

Use the best ingredients you can get your grubby little hands on -- IT IS WORTH IT. Especially the chocolate, none of that Nestle shit. If you don't wanna use Ghiarardelli or Guittard (!) try Dove dark chocolate in the candy aisle. You'll have to unwrap each one, but it is SO GOOD.

1 part heavy whipping cream
1 part really nice chocolate

Heat-proof spatula or other stirring thingy


1. Heat the cream in the saucepan on medium 'til it steams and tiny bubbles form at the edges. Try not let it boil.

2. Add the chocolate all at once and stir studiously to keep it from sticking to the bottom and ruining your LIFE.

3. When most of the chocolate is melted take it off the heat and continue stirring until it is a homogenous pot of delicious.

TADA! You are done! Use it hot for thin glazes, or wait for it to cool down to room temp for a thicker coat.

Alternatively, you can whip it once it's cooled to make frosting.

If your ganache is too runny or not setting up, you can heat it up gently and add up to 1 part more chocolate.

Happy Eating!


  1. The chocolate one doesn't really look like a bunny tbqh :p But they are still cute!!

  2. I knows it :D I'm gonna try making another one where you can see the ears better :)

    Also, do you know how to make a cut-off an lj-cut, but for blogger? 'cause long post is LONG ~x(

  3. Yea if you're in the Compose of New Post there is a button for summarizing. Just click it and it will put in a cut