Friday, April 1, 2011


Traditionally, yaki-onigiri is made on a grill. But since it's still snowy, thus making grilling a rather daunting task, I've taken it indoors and made it on a skillet :D It's really easy. Just make sure to use enough oil, or your skillet will be exceptionally displeased with you (though nothing a little baking soda paste can't fix).

Fresh short-grain white rice. Like really fresh. Like just out of the rice cooker fresh.
Soy sauce
Canola oil

Other things:
Little dish
Food brush

1. Heat up oil in skillet on medium-high.
2. Shape onigiri. Mix soy sauce and mirin in a little dish to taste.
3. Put onigiri in skillet.
4. When the bottom has become hard and crisp, flip the onigiri over.
5. When the other side has become hard and crisp brush the top with the soy sauce/mirin mixture and flip again.
6. When the soy sauce side is sufficiently browned and aromatic repeat with the remaining side.
7. Serve immediately, usually with beer.