Tuesday, February 1, 2011

鄉成 Xiang Cheng Thai Restaurant

Oftentimes when I was in America and people asked me where my family is from, I would say, "Taiwan." To which they would reply, "Oh, so you are Thai?"
"No, people from Thailand are Thai."
"Aren't you from Thailand?"
"No, my parents are from Taiwan. We are Taiwanese."
"Oh...." *blank face*
"It's an island off the coast of China."
"OH! So you are Chinese!"
"Um, yea" ^u^v

I never realized that Thailand and Taiwan were easily confused, so here is a quick geography lesson for you all first

Green = Taiwan, where I am right now
Red = Thailand, where the inspiration for the food at the restaurant I am reviewing came from


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NOTE: Google Maps still has the restaurant labeled as 去巴西/Go Go Brazil! I went there last year, and it has since changed to an Italian noodle restaurant, a "special ingredients" restaurant, and now Xiang Cheng, a Thai restaurant. All within the course of a year or so. Let's see how Xiang Cheng fares..

The new entrance! It is decorated for Chinese New Year :)

The decor and atmosphere is refreshing and clean with a twist of mod. Rather different than other Thai restaurants I have been to!

Basil and pork

Ho Fun

Eggplant Stir-Fry
NOTE: This contains meat. You can ask for without, though!

Sugar Cane Shrimp
It is really just shrimp paste wrapped around sugar cane and fried. The shrimp flavor did not come through as strongly and I would have liked

Egg Pancake with basil and veggies inside. Quite tasty!

Stir-Fried Water Spinach

Tapioca dessert. I am not a fan of coconut tapioca dessert in general. This one tasted very watered down with not much coconut flavor, but was not too sweet either. There were a few bits of hard, dry coconut flakes that were rather annoying, but overall it was just very "meh"

Prices for all dishes range from about NT$100-NT$300, so it is pretty average. The tables were a bit too small for all the dishes, though and we had to keep juggling dishes and trying to cram them all on! It is easier to finish an entire plate so the server can remove it

Price(out of 3): $~$$ Not cheap enough to eat at too frequently, but lower than say, 瓦城

Food: Yummy, but a bit too oily for me. I got indigestion, though it may have been because I decided not to eat any rice to cushion the grease with :P I suggest eating rice with the dishes!

Service(out of 5): *** The staff just takes the order, brings out the dishes and cleans up empty dishes. Wait time is about average with the dishes arriving a few minutes apart

Nice meet-up place. I would suggest getting a couple dishes to share so you can clear a plate and have it removed, otherwise you may have to end up pulling a spare chair to hold the rice bowl!