Monday, February 7, 2011

玫瑰夫人/Madam Rose Tea House

On Feb. 6, 2011 I attended a Lolita Meetup at an exquisite-sounding tea house called "Madam Rose" Oooooh elegant! Photos are discouraged, but if you are discreet the employees generally will allow some photography.

We got a room to ourselves because we had enough people to book a room, but the non-room tables were every bit as elegant and fancy! Do note that the minimum fare for a room is NT$5000 not counting the 10% service charge


No. 77號, Section 3, NánJīng East Road, Jhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 104


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The setting

Vegetarian Afternoon Tea Set

Top: Sweets

Bottom: Savory
Regular Savory Tier
Double serving of Regular Sweets Tier.  It got doubled up because we had too many people to fit a tea tower for each person!

The teacups were very pretty and elegant. The tea comes in a pot over a tealight burner to keep it hot!
Price (out of 3): $$$ Each Afternoon Tea Set is NT$580! There is also a 10% service charge so the total ended up being NT$638 each. For booking a room, there in a minimum of NT$5000 not including the 10% service charge and a time limit of 3 hours. We went a bit over our time, but were not rushed out because it was not terribly busy at the time :D

Food: Very good! The tofu on the spoon was a bit strange, and the black thing on the lettuce was strange too, but everything else was very delicious and actually quite filling. The Rose Milk Tea I had was lightly rose-flavored (rose is my new favorite flavor!) and not too sweet. My favorite bites of food were the raisin scone, the macaron, and the cheesecake

Service (out of 5): ***** The servers were all very courteous and we got a "service button" that you can just press and they will then appear very quickly! She could explain all the different types of tea (3 pages worth...) and and patient with our many questions. Quite a formal location, so I suppose it is expected :)

I really loved Madam Rose! Too bad it is pricey and far from where I live, or I would go there more often!