Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomato-Simmered Egg & Green Bean Bell Pepper Stir-fry

I just made up the green bean stir-fry. It's not that tasty TBH. The tomato-simmered egg is HELLA tasty though. I might have already posted the recipe here once before; I don't recall. Regardless, it is also delicious with some soft tofu simmered in.

For Green Bean & Bell Pepper Stir-fry:

Sautee onions in medium-hot oil 'til soft.
Add sliced bell peppers and mushroom.
Turn heat to high.
Add green beans and soy sauce to taste.
When beans are just tender but still crisp, take off heat.

For Tomato-Simmered Egg:

Heat oil in small pot over medium heat.
Add julienned scallions; do not let it burn.
Add sliced tomatoes. I like to use cherry tomatoes halved :D
Cover and simmer on medium-low 'til tomatoes are soft and there is lots of tasty juice.
Add salt to taste.
Add sugar to cut the acidity.
Gently add in beaten eggs with or without cooking wine, sugar, and soy sauce beaten in, depending on your preference. Do not let the egg touch the bottom of the pot or it may burn.
Immediately cover WITHOUT STIRRING. Let it sit 'til the eggs have solidified.
Once the eggs are fully cooked, stir to break up the egg bits, and add more sugar or salt to taste.
Serve immediately over a bed of fresh rice.

Happy Cooking!


  1. The tomato eggs look so yummy! I haven't been making many things recently :( At least not anything worth posting!! D: So sad :((

  2. Uwaaaa~! Me neither (this post was actually scheduled in like...February xD). But once I get off school (and GRADUMATED!!! OMGZ) gonna get right back to cooking :3

    Oh yeah, can you email me those cake recipes? ;;) I'm gonna have a booze & baking party to celebrate the coming of summer and Asian cakes are LOVE! :X