Thursday, January 20, 2011

Microwave Magic! Maybe...?

Waffles are a funny thing. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, commonly found on the breakfast menu with whipped topping and fruit syrups. Can be made at home for relatively cheap so long as you have a waffle iron and a bit of time.

A waffle iron.

Waffle iron.

Something I am very distinctly lacking at the moment. But, but, but... I LOVE waffles! The vast majority of waffles here are either:
a) The small, hard, crispy kind. Sometimes half-dipped in chocolate. They taste OK, but aren't really the fluffy Belgium waffles I want
b) Really expensive, and usually only available at a sit-down cafe. And even then sometimes they aren't quite like the waffles in America :(

So a while back I bought a Japanese waffle maker that makes waffles in the microwave. It makes one small square waffle at a time. I used my sister's pancake batter recipe and tried it out yesterday morning.



Fill the mold with some batter, microwave until it is puffy, then snap the lid on quickly and let it settle! I quickly got bored of plain waffles (I ate the first two to see how it was, and it was not flavorful enough!)

Cinnamon Waffle:

Latte Waffle:
pour some latte in....
added some batter...

filled mold:

post microwaving:

snap the lid on:

Watch Penelope on TV

Turn out the waffle and...
erm, all the latte stayed on the bottom....


Pile of waffles!!

In the end, the waffles ended up being rubbery and heavy. It MIGHT be that I did not microwave long enough... one of the waffles I microwaved too long was sort of crispy like Asian waffles so maybe that is how it is supposed to be? I was hoping for Belgian waffles (lol yea, from a microwave) but I will experiment more. The package that came with the waffle-maker did say to use pancake mix and an egg and some milk. Maybe I should try that next time :P

So, the first experiment was not so successful, but they taste OK with honey :) Will try again in the future!