Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toaster Oven Recipe~Toasted Peppers Stuffed with Rice

Another toaster oven recipe! The slight sweetness of the bell peppers is delicious when toasted! Feel free to add more veggies or meat to your filling. I found my celery to be moldy so I couldn't add anything other than onion to the filling rice This makes 2 servings of one pepper each.


2 Bell Peppers, any color

1 cup of cooked rice (or enough to fill your peppers)

1/4 onion, diced

Cheese for sprinkling on top

Salt and Pepper to taste


1) Cut your bell peppers in half, discarding the stems and seeds. I find that they bake more evenly in these shallow tray like shapes. Some people just cut off the tops to make one deep bowl, but for a toaster oven, the shallow shape will be better. Not to mention you can mix the colors for more interesting plates!


2) Saute your onions in a hot pan and mix with the rice. Fill each bell pepper half with 1/4 of the rice mixture and top with a bit of cheese


3) Toast in the toaster oven! I did mine at 750W for about 13 minutes.


4) NOM while hot (but not burning). I tried eating it with a fork, but found it much easier to simply pick up the whole pepper half and bite!


Ooooh melty cheese