Friday, October 22, 2010

Portabella 2 Ways!

Giant portabella mushrooms are delicious all sorts of ways: stir-fried, sauteed, baked, etc. They can even take the place of beef for a delicious vegetarian steak; the longer they cook the richer the flavours become!

Here are two fancier renditions:

Artichoke-Stuffed Portabella Cap

Wipe any dirt off the portabella. Cut off the stem and chop into pieces.

In a medium bowl, crush 1/2 handful oyster crackers. Add 3 T. cream cheese, dash garlic powder, 1/2 handful chopped red onion, the portabella stem, and 1/2 handful grated hard cheese (like romano) and mash everything together 'til even. Add 2-3 chopped up artichoke hearts and smash 'til homogeneous-ish.

Smear the mixture into the portabella cap. Bake at 350 F. for 15 minutes or so, 'til the mushroom looks soft or exudes juices, and the top is lightly brown.

Serve immediately, paired with crusty french bread and butter.

Tomato Salsa Portabella

I just made these today because I really wanted guacamole with tomatoes, but we didn't have any avocado and even if I went and bought avocado they wouldn't be ripe for at least two days. So, I figure that if I could get some chunky tomato salsa, I could pretend it was like guacamole. We had some portabella, so the next best thing is obviously salsa and portabella. And then I decided it needed some protein, so I added hummus. And romano, for depth, and contrasting texture. Yeah. It made sense at the time. But it was super delicious, so here it is:

In a skillet, melt 2-3 t. butter. Put the portabella stem-side up on top of the melted butter and swirl it around a bit to cover it nicely.

Cook over medium to medium-low heat 'til juice appears in the gills. Flip the mushroom over and keep cooking. In the meantime, slice up some french bread and toast it.

When the mushroom smells amazing exudes juice when poked, remove it from the heat. Smear with 2-3 spoonfuls pine-nut hummus, sprinkle with shredded romano cheese, and pour a good amount of chunky tomato salsa on top. Try to get one without too much sodium, like Trader Joe's.

Serve immediately, with the toasted french bread and a healthy smear of butter.


  1. Oooh looks very yummy! I can't find Portabella mushrooms here, so I can't make these!! ~x(

  2. :(( I guess I'll have to start making stuff with Shitake mushrooms...but their flavour is so much stronger ~x(