Monday, October 18, 2010

Onigiri Veggie Time

Onigiri are great for convenient lunches. Just make them the morning of and pack with a little container of fruit and veggies and a handful of nuts for a delicious and nutritionally complete meal :3 They are also amazingly versatile: you can put pretty much anything in onigiri so long as it doesn't interfere with the stickiness of the rice, which is what holds it together!

Aside from the obvious food ingredients, all you need to enjoy delicious onigiri is a rice cooker (which all of you have, I know it!) and like...30 minutes.

Here is how:

1. The night before, put 1/3 cup rice per onigiri into the rice cooker, and set the timer to finish cooking when you wake up.

2. The next morning, fluff the rice, then prepare the filling/mix-in/covering (thaw frozen peas/corn, stir-fry asparagus and mushrooms, make egg skin, etc.)

3. Mix, fill, wrap. I use cling wrap for mine to cut down on mess. For filling, an onigiri mold is indispensable.


Here are some onigiri I've made in this past week or so, for inspiration:

Stir-fried onion, carrots, and corn.

Omuraisu Onigiri--my favourite! Although it is not very photogenic... This is what is on the inside:

Also, see the rice coming out of the cling wrap? Make sure to leave room for squishing, or this will happen TT___TT

Progress photo of asparagus-mushroom stir-fry onigiri (the very first picture in this post).

The onigiri mold really helps you put more filling in the onigiri...nummy! (Although I didn't add enough salt to this one, so it was a bit bland TT__TT)