Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hey all! This is Kitti announcing the launch of 3 Peas Cafe! Read more about us on the About Us page!

About the Title
We decided on peas because it emphasizes the healthy part of cooking. It also alludes to the simile "like peas in a pod". Until recently, we all lived together in the same house, and even though we are all in separate households now, we want to create something that has the same cozy feeling. The abbreviation, 3PC, alludes computers (Personal Computer, PC, get it? xD) and how we are staying in touch via technology.

About the Banner
The title banner was created by me, Kitti. The two peas in the pod represent me and Jessica, who are still in the United States of America (albeit different cities) and the second pea all the way on the other side is Gracie off in Taiwanland. The style is reminiscent of Asian painting because a) I like it a lot and b) we are of Chinese descent and grew up eating traditional Taiwanese dishes, which is reflected in the food we make.

To commemorate the creation of this blog I have prepared an EXTRA SPECIAL (read: ridiculously easy) recipe.

Peas Onigiri!

Frozen Peas
Freshly Cooked Rice (about 5:1 ratio with the peas)
Small microwaveable bowl
Plastic Wrap
Medium bowl
Rice paddle

To Make:
1) Put the frozen peas in the microwaveable bowl and add a splash of water. Microwave 'til half-thawed, stir, and finish microwaving. Drain.
2) Put the fresh rice and peas in the medium bowl and mix it with the rice paddle. Make sure to combine it evenly.
3) Take a good size of plastic wrap in your hand, about 4x the size you want your onigiri to be, and mound enough rice to make one onigiri (see picture below)

4) Wrap the plastic wrap around the mound of rice and twist to seal. Shape the rice into a flat-ish triangle with your hands.

Tada! YOU'VE MADE ONIGIRI!!! It will keep for about a day, so you can eat it for lunch or dinner if you make it in the morning. I find that one mounded handful is about equivalent to one scant meal, or you can measure it by using a bowl and putting in as much rice as you would normally eat and using that. Usually I supplement it with some grapes and carrots for a more well-rounded meal.

Happy eating!


  1. Why did you introduce Jessica as Crystal...? :-/ Did you forget her name? :))

  2. Cause I didn't know if she wanted to use her real name on the blo, but I guess now it's a moot point. I'll change it when o get home.